With this blog I made it possible to show my work to the world.
Here you will find work I painted since 2000. There are only a few works that are older.
Many of the drawings and paintings are made from models posing for me. As you can see I have favorite poses that I have worked out in many styles.
Many of the works are sold world wide. If you are interessed in a drawing or painting or have a question contact me via this blog ( use "view my complete profile" right colum on the screen)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Work 2015


  1. great works!
    I wrote you a mail.

  2. I discover your blog today
    I love your drawings
    Can I use some one to illustrate my poems on my blog http://librecoursaveux.blogspot.fr/
    thanks to answer at this adress
    thanks by advance
    Christian Bailly

  3. Love love love your art, man!!! ^_^